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Dorentrup Feurfestprodukte

Dorentrup have been producing and supplying refractories for over 100 years. High quality, cost competitive linings are available for all furnace types for iron, steel, and non ferrous applications. Also available are a selection of Mica-sheets, patch and coil grout materials and ramming and vibrating tools.


Vesuvius logo


AUG. Gundlach KG - The only German Crucible Group

MARS crucibles are the result of superior raw materials, innovative technology and more than 100 years experience in crucible manufacturing. The crucibles are manufactured by the isostatic pressing system MARS ISOPRESS, the most modern forming and manufacturing system known in the refractory industry. AUG.Gundlach KG was the first to successfully apply isostatic pressing for the manufacture of crucibles and is leading in this field.


RMG logo



Rex Materials Group

Rex Materials Group engineer and manufacture high temperature material systems for the Aluminium and other non-ferrous industries. The product range includes FUSIO2N™ brand fused silica shapes such as pour basins, riser tubes, and ladles with many benefits including excellent thermal shock resistance, reduced metal build up and long life. A key benefit is a reduction in chilling of the metal due to the excellent thermal properties of FUSIO2N.

Other products include:

PYROFORM HP™ - Pre cast shapes which offer high thermal shock resistance and non wetting properties. Applications include launders, ladles, and crucible linings.

PYROFORM E-Z FILL™ is an all purpose refractory joint and patch compound that is very user friendly. It offers the lowest shrinkage of any comparable product and excellent thermal shock resistance.

PYROFORM SEALER™ is a surface preparation agent for use with Pyroform Refractory products. Sealer is specifically formulated to resist molten aluminium attack. A high temperature product is also available.

PYROLITE E-Z FILL™ is a high temperature joint and repair product for use where direct molten metal contact is not required.

SRIC logo

The Siam Refractory Industry Co Ltd

SRIC photo
One of the world's largest refractory manufacturer's. Product Lines include Bricks (fireclay, high alumina, basic, and Magnesia-Spinel) and a range of Castables.

Intensive research and Development is maintained to ensure that a comprehensive range of quality refractories is available to industry.
SRIC…..refractories of your choice.
Jinan Shengquan logo Jinan Shengquan Hepworth Chemical Co. Ltd

High quality phenolic resins for the shell process. A full range of resins offering specific properties is available to suit most core and mould applications. Resins can also be formulated to meet individual requirements.
Morland logo Morland Metallurgical

A range of fluxes suitable for aluminium and copper alloys. Exothermic Toppings are also available for iron and steel applications.
BPM logo

Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC

A technology of engineered Western Bentonite designed for ferrous and non-ferrous green sand systems providing improved green strength, low dry strength, superior shake-out, improved moldability, low friability, unequaled durability and fast mull strength development.

NATIONAL® Standard Bentonite
The overwhelming choice of leading foundries, NATIONAL Standard offers exceptional high green compression, unequaled consistency, most durable, high hot and high dry strengths and exhibits properties expected by major foundries worldwide. NATIONAL Western Bentonite is also available in premium grades and granules for a wide variety of industrial applications.

An oil tempered green sand technology offering greater precision, smoother finishes and closer tolerances in: aluminum, magnesium, bronze, silicon bronze, magnesium bronze and brass castings. PETRO BOND technology produces near die cast quality, idea for limited run or one-of-a-kind castings and reusable with only infrequent re-mulling and re-bonding.

Keravit logo


A Comprehensive range of ceramic hollowware (gating systems) from Europe’s leading manufacturer. Established in 1831, SEEIF are certified to ISO9001:2000 standard for the manufacture and design of refractory and thermal insulating products.

Precimeter logo


Precimeter has been in business for more than 20 years providing its customers with a variety of products. Precimeter produces high quality non contact sensors for molten metal level control. Together with the Precimeter line of actuators and control cabinets the company can provide entire systems for casting.

Many major Aluminum processing plants around the world use Precimeter equipment to monitor and/or control the flow of molten metals. The companies that implement Precimeter technology are given a solid step forward towards efficient and high quality production.

Minelco logo


Specialist minerals for foundry core and mould making applications. A wide range of available minerals including:

Minelco MinSand -
a synthetic spherical sand for stronger cores and moulds. The many advantages of MinSand include, improved flowability, reduced binder requirement, and very low thermal expansion.

Minelco Iron Oxide -
Iron Oxide additive for the control of expansion related defects such as finning, veining and scabbing. Various sizes are available.
JB iron oxide is also used to control lustrous carbon defects in resin coated shell moulding sands.

Minelco SeqiOlivine -
suitable for a wide range of applications including slag conditioning, EBT tap hole filler, mould and core sand, sand blasting.

The Minelco Values - Quality, Reliability and Sustainability.



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